BEVZA NFT-art initiative

BEVZA brand presents an unprecedented NFT initiative aimed at empowering Ukrainian artists and raising awareness of the Ukrainian contemporary art scene in the world. Fast expansion of the NFT phenomenon and its notable shaking up the art world requires special actions and prompt reactions among creative minds. Therefore BEVZA in the person of the creative director of the brand Svitlana Bevza acts as a curator of the project, searching for emerging young talents, exploring already recognized Ukrainian artists and promoting them internationally. 

"I truly believe that there are a lot of really talented artists, sculptors, photographers in Ukraine which need worldwide exposure. They absolutely deserve the international art community’s attention and the same liquidity level as their well known colleagues from other countries. And NFT-based artworks are the most modern and innovative way to give our artists visibility in the world and contribute to the possibility of raising prices for their works", - Svitlana says. 

Initiating the project, Svitlana Bevza chooses an artwork from the artist's collection periodically and announces it through media and social networks. The legal and technical support is carried out by the Eterna Law - leading European law firm, navigating multinational clients in all legal matters including Cryptocurrencies and Digital assets, Fintech and E-commerce, Distributed Ledger Technology and Smart-Contracts, ICOs and ITO’s as well as Internet & Digital Media.

"We are at the forefront of legal developments being a reliable partner for a new era of business and the associated technologies driving it. Furthermore, our company represents the interests of creative minds to promote modern and digital art of Ukrainian origin worldwide", - Andrii Astapov, Managing Partner says.

To start the NFT initiative Svitlana chose Masha Reva, one of the most outstanding representatives of the Ukrainian contemporary art scene with a unique and identifiable style. Masha Reva had high-profile projects in the fashion and art field including a shooting project for Jacquemus's 'Marseille Je T'aime' book, decorations for the Rodebjer fashion show and textile prints for Rachel Comey brand. Despite the artist's work having already been covered by the authoritative foreign press, BEVZA aims at even greater Reva's recognition among international galerists, auctions and art collectors. 

"For me taking part in this NFT project is the first experience of the kind and totally an experiment. Although I'm a supporter of the personal contact between the audience and my works, I think NFT is an effective instrument for promoting art in general and Ukrainian art in particular. I wish more art collectors would buy Ukrainian artworks in future", - Masha Reva says (see her Instagram).

The first lot by Masha Reva will be available at the auction till 23:55 (Kyiv time) on September 15.